Messing about in my iPhone Apps

I love my iPhone. I haven’t got my head around Photoshop but I am addicted to:
Reflection – does what it says on the tin, very good range of photo manipulation tools – but you have to keep saving and coming out of the App if you really want to push designs

Original manipulated photo


Reflected a couple of times and saved





Reflected again


If you want to fiddle about with the photos exposure/ saturation etc . I use Snapseed – which is very easy to use and has lots of filters


I over lay pictures in blender- you can mask / change the type of overlay effect and or move / enlarge / reduce the size of pictures

My new latest favourite is the Diana App- you don’t have the same freedom of image placement as Blender – but the filters are fun and the developers keep adding more
Things to do – this set was made with both apps – I can’t stop fiddling




I just realised I didn’t show you
the original images I was using



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