Using origami in art journaling

I have found making origami in a group setting helps with bonding of participants. People chat about how to do the folding and each other with tricky bits.

I have used Chinese fortune tellers and butterflies in this way. Lisa and I used the Chinese fortune tellers to explore ideas and feelings about the theme of ‘change’ in an existing group that was well established, but was about to experience change in participants and workers.

I used butterflies working with Monika and a group which was coming to an end. We used the metaphor of metamorphosis and endings to help the group come to terms with the group finishing

Progress on my Osteopathy commission

I started working on my commission ideas this morning. I had a go at the origami shapes. I was a bit disappointed with the origami idea because the yellow pages is too fine to hold the shape and to get a section of backbone just looked odd

I also freaked out at using the originals. I seemed to have lost my confidence this week. I made a load of photocopies and went for it

I sliced up the photocopies and started playing with the text on a tea dipped and stencilled background

I photocopies one of the experiments and stencilled and doodled on top of that. I realised one of the reasons I was struggling a bit was because the colour scheme is not as bright as I usually play with. It needed more tonal contrast.

So I added more text and dancing ladies to different copies – the mojo returned

A few more layers

I added some more of the ‘yell colour printing check rainbows’ (they appear at the top of the proof page that they send you before you agree to publish your advert ) and gelato pastels because I remembered Glynis and I saying that we liked them in a meeting.

New commission, Osteopath -23Eyre Place, Edinburgh

We had a fab but tiring time in Sacramento visiting our son and his wife over Christmas and the New Year. I feel like I am emerging from jet lag and had a meeting today with my Osteopath who would like me to produce some art for her practice.

She has been advertising in the yellow pages since 2000. The paper version of the pages is stopping. I am to use her collection of adverts as a basis for some art work

I had fun using layout to make some patterns – though I think these are a bit too representational

We talked about ideas for 3 pieces

– I fancied making some origami from some of the adverts ( there are lots) to make up the shape of a spine which could be framed in a deep window box. I like the idea of the finished origami shapes breaking up the text through the folding. And the link with a spine/ osteopathy

Image from Pinterest no citation ref

I thought a frog might work because it could work like a vertebra

The Osteopath likes my dancing ladies that I produced for my last exhibition – she is happy with this concept in terms of the idea of movement links in with Osteopaths helping people to move.

The third idea is to do what ever I like with the papers …… watch this space.

Paper shrines / origamiĀ 

I am doing some work about ancestors and family at the moment – I posted some pictures on Instagram of a papershrine pattern that Ideveloped  from a basic folded box.  Some people asked about instructions 

I used a basic origami box and lid found at the link below and suggest if you don’t know how to make these practice a few times before you try my shrine

Because you make a hole in the lid – you need the base for strength

Here are some of my samples 

You need two squares one 21cm x21cm and 19cm x19cm. In the larger square, the lid,   draw a square 1cm smaller than the central folded shape and cut it out. 

Then cut down the folds as shown below

Make the lid as you would normally up to the stage as shown below. 

Fold the top cut edge into a triangle ,to make a point ( the roof)

Trim the corners of the sides that make the top side of the box , fold and glue together

Below is what it looks like when you turn it around 

Make the base as normal 

I am going to decorate the paper before I cut out the hole in the lid and I recommend folding the paper a couple of times before you cut out the hole 

Here  is a decorated sample with the ‘hole paper section ‘  stuck onto the inside of base