Day out to Aberfeldy

We got rid of our car last year and joined the city car club. We don’t hire cars very often but Jon decided we were going to have a trip out.

Today we went to Aberfeldy which is about an 1.5 hour drive north of Edinburgh

Firth of Forth Bridge

I was a bit worried that the mist wouldn’t burn off – but it was ok and I was also glad I took a summer dress with me 😂

We have been to Aberfeldy a couple of times before but I haven’t walked up to the waterfalls. It’s quite a steep climb but well worth it in the spring sunshine.

We had lunch at Kenmore which is on the shore of Loch Tay

Then Jon wanted to drive along Glen Lyon and up to Ben Lawers and back down to Loch Tay

Back across the Firth looking at the old road bridge and the rail bridge

The Beild centre at Blackruthven

I taught an art journaling type of exercise at a retreat this week. The Beild Centre is lovely. The accommodation is a converted stable block in the grounds of a small stately home near Perth.

The art room is fab – loads of materials and a log burner to keep you warm

There is lots of great art around the grounds we particularly liked the mosaics which are like small green pools set in concrete in the path around the stable block.

This is my view from my bedroom

Sculptures a pond, and a walled garden.

The group I visited with were coming to the end of a 2 year journey. I planned a piece that they could develop as their own, using acrylic, stencils, collage. I was unsure of the participants art skills so I needed to have a frame work to work with.

Above shows a step by step work sheet I provided. The concept was to build up a strata of ideas about the participants journey using text on the faces rays and layers of paint to represent time

One of the participants wanted to do her own design and had a clear idea of what she wanted to do

The rest of the group used my basic idea, choosing their own colour schemes and a variety of stencils

The face was a stencil designed by Andy Skinner. This was the first time that I had taught a canvas workshop with paint. I needed my wits about me all my years of teaching experience, lol .